Bespoke Bookcase

The Perfect Way to add Character & Value to your Home

A bespoke bookcase is a popular and versatile piece of furniture which will add value to your home. It could be a freestanding bookcase, storage built in an alcove or a whole wall of shelving. They are a brilliant way to use little nooks and corners in your house where freestanding pieces of furniture won’t easily fit. You can also combine bookcases with cabinets or other handmade items of furniture to create a piece unique to your home and your space.

Bookcases provide really useful storage and can include cupboards, as well as open shelves. Painted to match the wall or in a feature colour they add character to a space and allow you to display things that are precious to you.

Frome Interiors can design a bespoke bookcase in a contemporary or traditional style. We always use sustainable materials and source them locally whenever possible.

Our doors and face frames are made from English Ash and painted panels can be plywood or moisture-resistant MDF. Bookcases can have fixed or adjustable shelves, meaning they are a really versatile storage solution.

If you choose fixed shelves, we will work with you to agree a layout of heights and depths that suit your requirements. Fixed shelves are a more cost-effective option, they are better suited for heavy items and they don’t require any shelf pin holes or other visible shelf supports.

We always ensure you are involved in the design process so we can meet your storage needs, while designing a piece to suit the space. We also take manufacturing into consideration to ensure it has the strength and stability to suit the purpose it is intended for. We install the bookcases ourselves to ensure everything fits perfectly and safely.

Loose shelves are perfect if you aren’t sure what you will store in your bespoke bookcase. They can be adjusted for different heights or removed if you need a bigger space. There are lots of different ways of designing loose shelves and we can provide some samples and 3D visuals to help you decide.

Of course, bookcases don’t have to store books but can be a wonderful way to display artwork, ornaments or collectibles.

bespoke bookcase
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Creating your Bespoke Bookcase


The first step in creating your bespoke bookcase would be to get in touch with a brief description of what you are looking for and if possible, some dimensions of the room or space. Alternatively, you could book a chat with Charlotte and discuss your ideas during a free consultation. It is good to know what you want to store or display on your bookcase, you could measure your existing storage, if you are replacing another piece of furniture, or provide us with some details about what space you need. Once Charlotte has a brief and some dimensions, she can put together a drawing and an estimate which will be emailed to you. If you want to know more about how our design process works you can read about it here or check out our FAQs.

Immaculate work, very happy with the results and service provided. David, Charlotte and team are a professional operation and have been a pleasure to work with throughout.


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Charlotte and David provided an excellent service.

The bookcase is really beautiful - something that we will cherish in our home for a long time.