Interior Design in Frome

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Our interior design in Frome service includes complete home design and project management, as well as bespoke furniture design and kitchen design. We are based in Frome but we do work with people in a wider area.

We can work directly with you, from your initial idea to the finished room and taking care of all the elements in between. As a result, this holistic approach can save both time and money and helps us achieve an enjoyable customer experience.

We take on all types of interior design projects from a single bespoke hand-made cabinet to designing and constructing a whole room. We have also come up with plans for whole home renovations because we follow design principles that apply to both large and small projects.

Our Passion

Our passion for interior design in Frome – our beloved home town – and surrounding areas means we can easily connect with our customers. We aim to work closely with our customers no matter what the scale of the project.

This means we create much more than a functional piece or interior design, rather we craft a living experience that gets to the heart of your needs and values.

We use ethically-sourced, high-quality materials to maintain our ethos of sustainability and responsible interior design in Frome.

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Our approach

Whether crafting a bespoke cabinet or designing a complete home renovation, we approach our interior design projects with a great deal of care.

Our customers are always happy as we learn not just what they need but who they are. Our service is individual and tailored to you and your project.

Interior design is about matching values, form, design principles and features. Because we keep our values at the heart of everything we do; making sure our projects are sustainable and built to last.

Interior design in Frome and the surrounding area always leads to interesting projects! Frome contains an “exceptional number of listed buildings”, according to English Heritage.

This means we frequently come across quirky layouts and restrictions. Therefore our designs need to be sympathetic to the building while meeting all the requirements for modern life.

Our experience working with historic buildings and local authorities means we can approach every project with confidence.

Create your own treasured spaces

Built-in cabinets can elevate a room, create a focal point and be fantastic storage. We aim to provide furniture that is excellent value for money, reflects you and your style and is completely unique.