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Bespoke Furniture

We price every piece of handmade furniture individually. All of our projects are unique and designed with you, so it can be hard to estimate costs upfront. When you first make contact with us we will ask for some details of the project and any ideas you have in mind. If you are looking for a standard piece of furniture, such as an alcove unit, bookcase, desk or vanity unit, then we can often send you a quick estimated price. 

Bespoke Kitchens and Bathrooms

If your project is more than one piece of handmade furniture, such as a walk-in wardrobe, under-stairs storage, kitchen, bathroom, office or library, then we will arrange an initial meeting so that we can discuss your requirements in more detail, before we provide an estimate.

Working to a Budget

We know that setting a budget can be difficult but for handmade kitchens especially this can be a really important step. Some people fear that if you have a budget, the company will just spend it, so you should keep it to yourself, until after you have received your quote. We find this generally makes the process frustrating and it ends up taking longer to reach an agreed quote.

Bespoke kitchens can vary in price significantly, depending on the size, design specification, materials and other factors, so when you give us an indication of your budget, we can immediately tailor our suggestions to the type of design and materials that will meet your needs and your budget.

Our priority is to provide an estimate that works to all your needs and requirements, and we never inflate prices just to reach a specified cost – you may find our estimate saves you money. We can provide better advice, affordable quotes and have honest conversations about what is achievable from the start of the process when we have all the information to hand.

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Design, Materials and Time

We take into account three factors when pricing up a bespoke furniture project, handmade kitchen or room:  the design, the materials we use and the time that it will take to make and install it.

The Design

When we start a project, we start with the design first and ask lots of questions to ensure we understand prooperly what you are looking for. This could include what you want the furniture to look like? How many cupboards there will be, where they will go and what they will be for? What finish will it have? What colour? How many shelves? How large is it? What other things are around it? Are there any unusual spaces, corners or other factors in the room that may have an impact on the design. We also try to understand the purpose and use for the project so we can ensure it meets your needs from a functional as well as aesthetic point of view.

If Charlotte has a budget at this stage she can offer advice about what is more affordable and what decisions would increase the cost. This is where a budget can be really helpful and will ensure that from the outset we are creating an affordable design for you.

The Materials

The next aspect we consider are the materials we will use for your bespoke project. We always use the highest quality materials available, and we also have commitments to using sustainable, ethically-sourced and environmentally-friendly materials wherever possible.

We don’t have a set specification for our furniture as we make everything from scratch but we do have some standards we adhere to where possible. We prefer to use British or European timber whenever possible, to lower the carbon footprint. We always make sure our timber is FSC certified and we aim to source it from small suppliers who are local to Frome.

We are actively reducing the plastic in our projects and builds so we no longer use melamine-faced furniture board and now use a pine board, manufactured in Scandinavia, for our cupboard interiors. We also use low VOC, water-based and environmentally-friendly paints.

These decisions have cost implications for our furniture in comparison to large suppliers, who are using mass-produced materials and don’t have such high standards for sourcing their materials.

We know that our clients value our choice of materials and work with us because we care about the environment and the impact of what we do now and in the future.

The Time

The final element we consider in our pricing is time. The more complex the design and the larger the project, the longer it will take to make. Other factors, such as the number of drawers there are or the style of door you have chosen, are all taken into consideration.

We hand make every single part of the project ourselves in our Frome workshop and our time and expertise is reflected in the pricing.  Our personal touch, with Charlotte’s interior design input at every step of the project, and David’s time in the workshop is what makes our company different from working with faceless big-name brands. We know our clients value this personalised approach and we love to buld a relationship with them during a project to ensure they are not just happy, but delighted with the end result.

  We have more information on pricing and the way we work on our projects in our FAQs.

If you would like to discuss a new project then please get in touch with Charlotte to discuss the details. We are always happy to answer questions on pricing, design or the materials we use.

Pricing Guides

Alcove Units or Media Units from £5000
Wardrobes from £7000
Walk in Wardrobes from £15,000
Kitchens start from £25,000
Libraries from £10,000

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Built-in cabinets can elevate a room, create a focal point and be fantastic storage.

We aim to provide furniture that is excellent value for money, reflects you and your style and is completely unique.