About Us

Frome Interiors is run by husband and wife team, David and Charlotte, from a workshop just outside the beautiful Somerset town of Frome.

David and Charlotte have been working together since 2013, when they moved to Somerset, to make the dream of running their own company a reality. 

When you commission Frome Interiors you benefit from both David and Charlotte’s experience and expertise. They work together to create well designed and functional home interiors that will stand the test of time and become treasured spaces within your home.


David has had a passion for making since a very young age. He went on to study 3D Design and Sculpture at Reigate School of Art and Design, where he developed his technical ability and design skills. He brings a unique skill base to the studio with a broad working knowledge of manufacturing and finishing processes.

David has 10 years’ experience designing and making bespoke fitted furniture for a range of clients. He always goes the extra mile, his love of materials and technical knowledge mean that he can offer unique and creative solutions to a brief, achieving excellent results.


Charlotte is an Interior Architect with a degree in Architecture from the University of Westminster and a master’s degree in Interior and Spatial Design from the Chelsea School of Art. She has over 12 years design experience and has worked with clients ranging from private homeowners to large banks and media organisations.

From the early concept to the completion of the project Charlotte likes to work as closely as possible with you to create a design which exceeds your expectations. Charlotte’s strengths include building strong client relationships, which has seen her work with many of her clients on several occasions.

Charlotte also has an excellent eye for detail and works closely with David to realise their designs to the highest standards. Her knowledge of materials and products means she can always offer the best advice to her clients.

Create your own treasured spaces

Built-in cabinets can elevate a room, create a focal point and be fantastic storage.

We aim to provide furniture that is excellent value for money, reflects you and your style and is completely unique.