A Library of Handmade Bookcases

So often older houses have uneven walls, sloping ceilings and unusual nooks and crannies. Off-the-shelf furniture just won’t fit. And if you are looking for not just a bookcase, but an entire wall or whole room to use as an office or library then a bespoke handmade solution will work best for you.

We were approached by the client to transform their snug room into a library. The brief was to create the feeling of a fitted library with plenty of open shelving but also storage cupboards to hide things away. The worry with bookcases on all walls its that the space can look and feel cluttered and dark.

Handmade bookcases are more than just pieces of furniture; they are functional works of art that can significantly enhance the atmosphere and functionality of a home library or office space. Whether you are an avid book lover, a collector of rare manuscripts, or someone who values the timeless charm of physical books, handmade bookcases can transform your space into a literary haven.

We suggested using painted shelves with integrated cupboards on the lower levels as. away to bring a cohesive colour scheme and look to the room. Lower shelves are often under-utilised anyway so having cupboards instead gives flexible storage without spoiling the look of the library.

Handmade bookcases for library office study

This colour scheme was matched on the cupboards and doors creating a moody design. The large stone flooring slabs match the colour palette beautifully and also look completely different throughout the room because of the varying light. This gives a rich and complex look, even though only a single colour is used throughout.

We analysed the books that were to be stored to ensure the shelves were the right height and depth to fit their extensive library. We took the other furnishings into consideration: sofa, rug, pictures in frames. Our design plans incorporated these into the plans so that the room design was not just about handmade bookcases, but the entire interior design of the space.

The bookcases are painted in Mylands Oratory with burnished brass knobs by Armac Martin. We included lighting and the cupboards also hide the power points and data cables to maintain the low-tech emphasis in the library. The finished space feels traditional, warm and perfectly suited to the traditional house.

We build bookcases and shelves for libraries, living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens that fit precisely to your space. Home offices and studies often require storage solutions for more than just books. Bespoke handmade bookcases can be designed to fit files and folders, stationery, samples, IT equipment and anything in your workspace that needs a place to live.

Having beautiful and functional bookcase storage solutions means it becomes seasy to keep things in order, uncluttered and tidy.