Creating a Calming, Clutter-Free Space 

Bedrooms can often be overlooked when you are designing your home. Kitchens and bathrooms are often the focus of any renovation projects but you spend a lot of time in your bedroom so it deserves some attention!

As well as being an important living space, bedrooms can provide a great space for storage. Large built-in wardrobes, cupboards and chests of drawers can house everyday essentials such as clothes and shoes or larger, occasional items such as linen and suitcases.

Walk-in wardrobes are now a popular option and do help to create some brilliant storage in you space. You don’t always need a whole room to create a walk-in style space; you might be able to partition off part of an existing room or use the furniture to create a separate space.

Many bedrooms in older properties, or in attic spaces, have little alcoves or eaves making it difficult to find off-the-shelf furniture to fit. Creating bespoke bedroom furniture means these awkward spaces can be fully utilized, and turn unused corners into beautiful bespoke furniture. Creating a calm and clutter-free space is much easier when you have the right storage solutions.

When you are thinking about a bedroom design it is important to consider how you want the space to feel and to make sure you have thought about how you want to use the space. You can plan in elements like a seating area, dressing table or media such as a TV or sound system. Your bedroom might be a space to escape to or a very functional space which maximizes practical storage.

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bedroom handmade wardrobe
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Bespoke Wardrobes


Bespoke wardrobes are a very popular option for both period and modern homes. A built-in wardrobe is often much more space efficient than a freestanding option because it can be built from floor to ceiling. If you are creating a walk-in wardrobe space it is often a good idea to incorporate lighting into the cabinets. When you choose a bespoke wardrobe you can design every detail to your own specification and ensure there really is a space for everything. 

The cost for a wardrobe can vary depending on how many drawers you include, the materials you use and the challenges of the space.  If you have any questions about cost then you can speak to Charlotte who can provide an estimate based on some initial measurements and requirements.

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Bedroom Design Packages

Frome Interiors can provide detailed design packages for bedroom renovations. You might just be looking for a quick design update or be looking to re-plan the room and move partitions.  Charlotte can provide drawings and a detailed specification to help with accurate pricing and planning.

Frome Interiors have experience of working on listed buildings in Frome and the surrounding area. Our experience with handmade furniture and our ability to provide bespoke freestanding or built in storage can allow us to create unique solutions for a variety of homes.

Bedroom design packages start from £480 including VAT and will include a two hour meeting and set of design proposals. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

fitted bespoke bathroom shelves
fitted bespoke bathroom design
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fitted bespoke bathroom design

Loved working with David & Charlotte on our bedroom and bathroom projects.

They completely 'got' what we were after and were able to transform our ideas into reality.

Fantastic workmanship and great to deal with throughout. Highly recommend!!


Immaculate work, very happy with the results and service provided. David, Charlotte and team are a professional operation and have been a pleasure to work with throughout.