Handmade Cabinets & Wardrobes

Bespoke Storage for Every Room


Handmade cabinets and wardrobes can provide useful, practical and beautiful storage for your home. Storage is often the most important thing we purchase or commission for our houses. It can be freestanding or built-in and come in all shapes and sizes but however it looks, it needs to be practical.

We often talk about ‘making the most’ of a room, this usually means maximising floor and wall space for storage so the room can function as it should. Often off-the-shelf cabinets and cupboards just don’t fit the spaces – too small or too big. This is often the case with awkward nooks or older houses with fireplace alcoves or assymetric room design.

Built-in storage can make a room look larger because it creates a home for clutter and no space is wasted. Sometimes built-in furniture will not be suitable or if the property is listed you might need to design something which can be removed, without damaging the interior mouldings.

Freestanding furniture has it’s advantages because it is flexible and can be moved to a different room or a new home. It can be secured to the wall to ensure it is completely safe.

Handmade Cabinets


Frome Interiors can design and make bespoke handmade cabinets for any room. It could be a linen cupboard, vanity unit, coat cupboard, dresser or kitchen cabinet. We can create something to match your existing furniture or to be a feature in the space.

Charlotte can make sure that whatever the end product is, it meets all your storage requirements. A handmade cabinet allows you to use areas which may otherwise be ignored, such as angled understairs spaces or the sloping eaves of a roof.

Loft conversions can be particularly challenging and often a bespoke cabinet is the only option available to utilise small and angular spaces.

If you would like to discuss the design of any handmade cabinets and wardrobes please get in touch to organise a free consultation with Charlotte.

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Handmade Wardrobes


Bespoke wardrobes are a very popular option for both period and modern homes. A built-in wardrobe is often much more space efficient than a freestanding option because it can be built from floor to ceiling. You can also choose how you divide up the space to suit your own requirements.

A handmade wardrobe is often a great solution to create a clutter-free space, particularly if the space is unusual or have awkward nooks and crannies that freestanding pieces won’t fit in.

The cost of a wardrobe can vary depending on how many drawers you include and the materials you use. There are so many configurations so we get to know you and discover what items you will be storing to ensure you have the right storage space for your clothes. Drawers, racks, and rails – both for short and long clothes – shoe racks and accessory hooks are all things you might consider including.

A wardrobe for an awkward loft space can also be more expensive as it takes longer to design and make the angled cabinets required.

If you have any questions about cost then you can speak to Charlotte who can provide an estimate based on some initial measurements and requirements

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We had a wardrobe built into an odd-shaped alcove and are delighted with it.

The installation was done to a very high standard and there was no mess and a minimal amount of disruption. Highly recommended.


They did an amazing job building two beautiful cupboards that looked like they'd always been there. They have made our rooms so much more functional and attractive all in one. I'd highly recommend them.