Bespoke Bathroom

So often older houses have uneven walls, sloping ceilings and unusual nooks and crannies. Off-the-shelf furniture just won’t fit.

We build units and shelves for bathrooms and kitchens that fit precisely to your space.

Your bathroom can often be an overlooked space design on functionality rather than beauty.

They often lack storage space, and shower cubicles and cupboards don’t fit well leaving little gaps and spaces too small for off-the-shelf cabinetry.

When you create a bespoke bathroom you can say goodbye to these annoying things and create a space that perfectly services your needs.

We always begin with your new units: sink, toilet, bath and shower. We handcraft under-sink units either with integrated cupboards for bathroom storage, or with a more open feel using shelves as features. 

We take into consideration how to store and use towels, toilet paper, cosmetics, hairdryer, shavers (and requisite wiring), whether there is an airing cupboard or boiler to allow for.

A bespoke bathroom is a great place for a pop of colour either with some unique wallpaper, or colourful tiles. Use of glass and carefully positioned lighting can also make a huge difference to the look and feel of your bathroom.