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A dedicated room to work, read, relax or hold those all-important zoom calls is now an integral part of many of our homes. Creating a space to work from home is now an essential rather than a luxury as it might have been a few years ago.

A bespoke home office has become a necessity rather than a luxury in recent years. Ensuring not only you have appropriate desk space, storage and shelves, but also a stylish and appropriate backdrop is important for a flexible working space and professional impression.

Frome Interiors can create entirely bespoke built-in desks, freestanding tables and workstations, studio desks, bookcases or shelves and storage cupboards. Choosing a bespoke home office allow you to maximise workspace and gives you the option to be able to add lighting, cable management and cupboards for files and technology.

We handmake our bespoke desks and libraries using English Ash and birch plywood, finishing them with sustainable water-based paint. We can also use solid timber like English Oak or Walnut to add warmth and texture to the space.

Charlotte can work with you to design the entire space including lighting, soft furnishings and any freestanding furniture required. We try to understand the way you work so that your home office works for you in all aspects of your woking life: admin, tech and creativity.

You will receive a full set of plans which you will be able to share with other trades such as electricians or decorators. Frome Interiors can also support you with project management and scheduling if required.

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A library can range from a whole room to a single wall of bookcases. It might include a workspace or a snug seating area, it might even form part of a dining room.

Creating a dedicated space for storing books or displaying treasured possessions is one of our favourite things to do. Charlotte and David can work with you from an initial idea to the installation of the room.

Charlotte can help you to work out what storage you need and provide drawings detailing the height and depth of shelves, so you can feel confident that all your books will fit perfectly.

We hand paint the bookshelves in a colour that suits the mood and interior design of your library space. We take care to understand precisely how you will use the bookshelves – for books, ornaments or displaying collectibles – to ensure the shelves are the right height and depth for your needs.

Frome Interiors also have experience of creating bespoke shelving for records, CDs, artwork, and antiques collections. Designing a bespoke solution for everyone means that we can tailor the storage to your exact needs.

You can view some of our library projects here.

Handmade Library bookcase painted blue
bespoke bookcase

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Charlotte and David provided an excellent service.

The bookcase is really beautiful - something that we will cherish in our home for a long time.


Frome Interiors are a very professional duo who made fitted units and shelves for our front room. From our initial contact, they helped us to develop our ideas so that we were extremely satisfied by the final result.

They were friendly and listened carefully to our wishes, making helpful suggestions and involving us in all the key decisions. They provided very clear details on what they would do and the timeframe they expected to do it in, which was accurate.

The workmanship is top-notch and they left the room cleaner than they found it. We would happily recommend them to anyone.